What is Plate Up?

Oasis works with society’s most vulnerable people and families to help them lift themselves out of poverty, transform their lives, and feel included in a community. Did you know, as many as 59% of families we work with live below the poverty line, affecting the lives of 30,000 young people? About half of these are entitled to school lunches. But what happens as these stop when schools close for the holidays? Parents are under enormous pressure to find the money for extra meals, often skipping meals themselves or living off cereal so their children can eat. Many children as young as 5 are going hungry.

Our response to ending holiday hunger 

Thanks to your support for the campaign, we are able to provide a special provision to young people across the country throughout the school holiday period. This includes holiday clubs for children and their families where we offer fun activities and most importantly a good, nutritious meal. Depending on Covid-19 conditions, Plate Up will take place over the next summer in 15 community Hubs across London, Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, and Grimsby.

All our activities are delivered by a combination of trained youth workers and volunteers and are based in our Oasis academy premises, allowing us to deliver exciting activities outdoors.

Last year, plate up served over 26,000 meals to 3,500 children, however, there are still many children who desperately need our help and will call upon us again this year.

Our dream is of a world where schools and charities don’t have to think about how to feed children during the summer holidays. However, as holiday hunger persists, let’s work together to make a difference; let no child go hungry.